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Photographer Tips: 3 Ways I Take Control Over The Wedding Day Timeline

Its no secret to my clients… I am VERY involved in their timeline planning process! This is a huge element which can cause the day, what I’m able to accomplish, and the overall experience and final product to take a huge downward spiral!How many of you readers have had elements of the timeline majorly effect what you are able to turn out to a client? I take care to ensure I have as much control over this aspect as possible in order to deliver a CONSISTENT and HIGH QUALITY product and experience for my clients. Before each wedding day I send out a TIMELINE PLANNING GUIDE to my clients (in addition to touching on all of these elements at their consultation)

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This all starts with preparation time on the actual wedding day!

Preparation time is not only a time for capturing candids of getting ready, it is also when I am able to style and photograph the wardrobe details, personal flowers, and other personal items that are import to the story of the day. There’s a lot to do!

I ask for control in a few major ways during this time :

1) ENOUGH time to photograph everything

If I receive a timeline which does not give me enough time, I let the client know exactly what will be missing from their gallery givem the current time constraints, and what their options would be to change this. It is their choice to make, but most opt to usually add in a little more time. Either way- it is SO important to inform your client what to expect should they decide to give you less time than is needed in order to control expectations.

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2) COMMUNICATION about photography timeline

I send reminders to make sure that their hair and makeup artist knows exactly when their portraits or first look will begin. That way there is no confusion about hair and makeup running late. This is an area which has a lot of room for error in communication especially if there is no wedding planner. The stylist may believe that there is a larger buffer of time, o rbridesmaids may tell the bride ‘ don’t worry-the wedding won’t start without you’ … but in reality they will be forfeiting their first look, bridal party photos, or other important portraits that the delay causes so taking precautions to ensure timeline communication upfront is key!

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3) PREPARING for preparation

Redundant much?? The only thing harder than walking in to a wedding day with very limited time for preparation photos is walking in with limited time AND limited resources. If the bride’s personal items are nowhere to be found, missing, in other rooms of the hotel, personal flowers arent available, bridesmaids arent dressed and ready, etc it all creates more room for chaos! Send out a list of WEDDING DAY REMINDERS to your clients (or steal mine here….) so they know exactly what to have waiting for you – ready to go, in once place, and you can walk in and get to work right away!

Want to save some time and take the control you need in your clients photo timelines NOW? Download my Timeline planning guide (its unbranded and ready to email out to YOUR clients!) over in the free resource library!

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