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Business Tools | 17 Hats Studio Management Software

Confession: I used to use an excel spreadsheet to manage all of the task workflow for each of my clients.

I was taking in 6 figures, and I used a freaking spreadsheet. With typos. And disjointed information. And NO AUTOMIZATION.

I was always so incredibly intimidated at the daunting task of entering in all of my client information, contracts, invoices, payment info into one centralized studio management software, that I just didn’t do it. I also didn’t know where to start- which one would I choose? What if I regretted my choice and grew to learn that it wasn’t a fit for me only AFTER I had already invested countless hours entering data and after costly subscription payments?

17 Hats

Then, I found the holy grail. You guys, I can never go back. How the heck did I manage my business with a spreadsheet? The software I use is new- it is a c platform that is still in development, and turning out fixes and new features monthly. It is not without its flaws and areas that need growth, but I love it so much. It is so user friendly- both for myself and for my clients . But best of all, it automated most of my workflow so I don’t have to have constant fear lurking over my head that I am forgetting a step in the process for any one of my clients.

17 Hats has allowed my business to progress to the next level and I highly recommend you check it out if you are a small business owner with client-based services.

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Some of my favorite 17 Hats features include:

-An all-in-one view of multiple different color-coded calendars
You can import your Google calendars and create local 17 hats calendars that correspond with different areas of your business + personal schedule and see them all on one color coded place.

-A comprehensive to-do list you can view on your dashboard with daily reminders of the tasks you need to complete

-Daily reminders of which contracts, invoices, and other documents are due or overdue

-WORKFLOWS … oh workflows. This is amazing – you can set up a workflow for your wedding clients which has every step along the way of their services with you, from contract to questionnaires, to automated check in emails, to shooting the day, to post production workflow reminders for yourself to keep you on time. My wedding day workflow consists of about 45 items – some automated that email without me needing to touch it, some prompt me to complete certain tasks, and some send the clients vital documents they must complete, auto filled with the information from their file. This cuts my administrative time in half easily with what I need to manage myself.

-Contracts + invoices


and so much more.

If you are starting to struggle with managing everything and need something to get yourself organized, I highly recommend checking out!

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