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PHOTOGRAPHER TIPS | How to Get Published

Are you submitting your work for publication? If not, you are missing out on a huge opportunity for free marketing and increased SEO (search engine optimization) for getting your work seen by more clients!


Some photographers can find the process a little intimidating- they may be unsure of where to start, which publications are out there, or unsure as to which steps to complete to get all the marketing mileage out of their images so I have compiled a quick 10 step guide for you!

Be sure to visit the FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY to download my list of top wedding publications  along with the submission checklist after reading so you know of some of my favorite places to submit wedding photos!

Every publication is a little different, so be sure and look into the submission guidelines for the specific publication you are sending images to first.

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1) Select 75-100 best of the best photos from your gallery – heavy emphasis on details

2) Export as web resolution a dropbox or proofing gallery

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3) Determine which publication shares a similar aesthetic to your gallery – check their submission requirements on their website

4) Write a 1-3 paragraph description of your gallery including design elements, backstory, inspiration, and any other relevant details

5) Compile a vendor credits list and include the vendor name, category, website, and social media handles.

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5) Follow the submission guidelines on the publications website to send the gallery, credits, and description, or use a submissions portal like two bright lights

6) If not accepted, resubmit until it is picked up – Don’t be discouraged! This can take lots of time to find the right publication, and some weddings just may not be a fit for publication.

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7) When picked up, email all vendors with the news.

8) When published, email all vendors with the publication link.

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9) Share link on social media and pin to pinterest in a ‘published weddings’ or similar board.

10) If the publication offers a ‘featured on’ badge, download the badge and feature it on your website press section

There you have it! Not so hard! The process may be a little time consuming but I promise you your investment of time will be rewarded!

Now head on over to the FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY to download and check out my list of top wedding blogs and magazines so you can start submitting!

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