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PHOTOGRAPHER TIPS: The Trick to an EASY All-Guest Photo

Ah, the dreaded statement.

“We want a *QUICK* photo with all 200 of our wedding guests!”


Hmmm…. organizing 200 people is not quick.

Unless you utilize this super-awesome end-of-ceremony method!

When a client asks for this type of a photo, I like to handle it using the following method:

1) I ask them to think about if they REALLY want this photo… will you actually get it printed? Revisit it years from now? Want it enough to pause your recessional for 2 minutes?

2) Have the client tell the officient in advance that they must make the following announcement after you begin your walk back down the aisle after your first kiss:

“Ladies and gentlement… please rise and turn to face the photographer for a group photo”

3) I then have my assistant grab my tall ladder which was neatly tucked away…. I climb to the top…. and snap a few photos. Its magic- everyone is alwready organizzed into neat rows. We wait until your wedding party + immediate family jpoin you at the front of the photo, and then we are done!!

This takes some planning- You need to discuss this with your clients and the officient in advance- you must bring a ladder and stash it close to the ceremony. The officiant must have this line in their script (but even so, 9/10 times I am the one yelling this out…) BUT, it is so quick, and so easy on everyone!

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